Monday, 30 September 2013

The Sea Devil

The grade 9's and I just came back from Bamfield and we read short stories and had to write about them... this one is the Sea Devil.

At the beginning of the book it was confusing and relaxed. I knew it was getting me ready for something crazy. When the man was being dragged by the sea devil I felt so scared for him and I was standing on the edge of my feet. I felt like I was in his shoes. 
At the beginning of the book he was in his garage, but I thought he was already fishing (foreshadowing). He was actually getting ready to go fishing and grabbing his supplies from the garage.
I first interpreted the theme as, "alone isn't always better." When I thought of it after I knew that that was not the theme it was apart of the tone. When I thought of it some more I knew it was man vs. nature. I think the author was trying to send a bigger message about the struggle that nature and humans have, it is a constant pull. 
I connected with the story because he used a lot of show not tell. Show not tell planted a better/clearer picture in my head.

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