Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Never Give Up...

To start off I think this is a really good theme choice because almost everyone in the book never gave up. A lot of other themes only related to a couple of people, but not this one...

Matt: When Matt was trapped in Celia's house he always thought of about getting out... so his heart was so set on leaving he did. (Even though it wasn't the smartest idea). They found out he was a clone, so they started treating him like an animal. He got treated like a chicken, but Matt didn't think his life was over... he never gave up on fining a way to keep himself happy and thinking positively. When Matt was working in the plankton factory and saw the keepers saying that every person has to be equal… Matt would make a comment that would make the keepers mad. The Keeper started talking about how everyone has to walk, so everyone is equal, but then Matt said, “is everyone has to walk to be equal why aren’t you?” Most of all he never gave up on loving Maria, and trying to make Maria love him.

Main Boys in the Plankton Factory (Chacho, Jorge, Fidelito, Ton-Ton):
They worked their buts off all the time. They all dreamed of leaving to dreamland, and to go back home... Chacho and Matt got thrown into the bone yard. They tried to get out, but Chacho got really sick, and had to stop. I was SO happy when Fidelito and Ton-Ton came to the rescue! Fidelito loved Matt a lot... and he never gave up on him. When Matt was in trouble by the keepers he would try to save him.

Tam Lin and Celia:
Tam Lin and Celia NEVER gave on Matt. They believed he could go far if he never told anyone he was a clone. Tam Lin never gave up on the people that he loved. He felt really bad for killing the innocent children so he wanted to repay then, he drank the poisoned wine… that is giving up. Celia is very loving to all the people she loves too. She never gave on saving Matt from El Patron.

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