Monday, 6 May 2013

Real World Examples

"There is no deeper violation of a citizen’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than their own government killing them when they’re actually innocent. And with the death penalty, as with all government programs, mistakes are inevitable. At last count, more than 140 death row inmates had been set free after evidence was discovered proving they were wrongfully convicted, often decades after they were sentenced to die. Common sense tells us that innocent people have been executed in the past. Speeding up the process to “repair the system” has proven to put even more innocent lives at risk — and with capital punishment, mistakes can’t be reversed." 

"Brown, Roy." Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty. The Daily Caller, 2013. Web. 6 May. 2013.

This is a quote from the website that I think represents the making of Eegits. When someone did something wrong they would put a chip in their brain and that would make them into slaves. You are pretty much killing them (killing there lives). The very first sentence in the quote I think is a really strong statement that matches PERFECTLY with the book. If you kill someone when you kill someone for making a mistake that is just wrong. They are ‘actually innocent.’ You are wrecking someone’s life for your own happiness. (This is what I think this quote means, and this is exactly what I think about the Eegits in the book). The people with the write minds know that this is wrong… The very last part of the quote is saying that if someone makes a mistake let them fix it… El Patron should have let the people that made a mistake make it up to him.
         i.e. When Rosa was treating Matt badly she was punished. Matt at first wanted Rosa to be punished, but once he saw what they did to her he felt bad.

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