Friday, 10 May 2013

Other Real World Examples (Not the real one)

Child Labor/Abuse: 
Child Labor... The Keepers take the kids that don't know where their parents are and force them to work. This is child labor because the only way they get a good about of food is if they build things (work).
Child Abuse... Near the end of the book the Keepers took in Matt. A first I thought that they were nice people that took care of the kids. Matt started working at the plankton factory... they only fed the kids plankton, (food for animals) so the kids got lots of pimples and were hungry almost all the time. When a kid misbehaved they would tell the Keepers what they did wrong. Jorge got really mad at Ton-Ton for stealing stuff, so Jorge grabbed his cane and started hitting his with it. Matt also got hit for misbehaving. 

Illegal Immigration:
There was a lot of immigration that happened during the book. In the book El Patron told Matt the story of how Celia was traveling to dreamland, and the farm patrol almost caught her but El Patron took her in. Celia traveled with others but they didn't make it. Lots of people try to escape Opium to get to dream land. Another part in the book that has immigration is when Matt was trying to get to Opium to escape the Alacran family. (Going to kill him).

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