Friday, 10 May 2013

Narrative structure

This is what I think the narrative structure is like

Exposition: I think the exposition starts from the beginning of the book to right before Matt finds the secret passage. The first little “bump” in the exposition is between when Matt breaks the window and gets glass in his feet, and ends at when he gets trapped in the slave’s room. The second bump is when Matt meets El Patron for the fist time.

Rising Action: I think that the rising action starts when Matt finds the secret passageway in the music room. When Matt finds the secret passage the story gets really intense, but then as Matt leaves, it gets really boring again (that part is the first dip). Later in the book when he is walking around with Maria and they find out that Felica killed Furball…well, that was a big surprise! The second dip is when they do nothing, and don't get mad at Felica. The last part of the rising action is when they are looking for Matt after the wedding, and Matt is hiding.

Climax: I think the climax is when they shine the red light on the walls and they see the scorpion! Soon, after they get out the tunnel, Matt gets found. :( El Patron is going to kill Matt so that he can have his eighth life, but Celia and Tam Lin save the day. She told El Patron that she said, "'Arsenic creeps into the whole body,' Celia went on, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a snack. 'It grows into the hair, it makes little white lines on the fingernails, it settles into the heart. I didn't give Matt enough to kill him-I wouldn't do that! - but enough to kill anyone week to tried to steal his heart. You've had your eight lives, El Patron. Its time t make your piece with god.'"(page: 236) Once El Patron died that was the end of the climax.

Falling Action: The falling action was when Matt was leaving to the Plankton Factory. It started to get really boring. It seemed like everyone was being time to Matt... at first. Then the Keeper, Jorge, started abusing him and the other kids. The very end of the resolution was when they through Matt and Chacho in the bones, and Ton-Ton and Fidelito found them. They all ran away!

Resolution: They found a town and these old people started to talk to them, Guapo and Consuela. All that was happening was that they celebrating the died. The bump in the resolution was at the hospital with the keepers. There was a big fight and Esperanza came in and settled everyone down. (That was the end of the little bump). Matt went back home and found out Tam Lin was died. :( He planed out how he was going to live his life in the future, because he is now El Patron...

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