Thursday, 9 May 2013

Film Study (Gattaca)

Connections between the proteganists:

Protagonist in movie is: Vincent and is playing the clone of Jorge.
Protagonist is book is: Matt and is the clone of El Patron.

- Both were created in a lab. (Matt started off by a cell). Vincent had Jorge give him blood and urine samples, but Vincent created himself to look like Jorge and have his DNA on his fingers.

- At the beginning of the book The House of the Scorpion Matt wasn't very strong and he was trapped. He could never live his life to the fullest because he is a clone. At the beginning of the movie Gattaca Vincent wasn't very strong and his brother would beat him in everything... He also could never live his life t the fullest because he could have lots of problems when he gets older. Like not live as long.

- Started from the middle of he book Matt left the house and the slaves pen. He went to live with El Patron and got almost everything he wanted. He was more free. Starting from the middle of the movie Vincent made it into Gattaca and started to pretend he was Jorge. People believed him and he finally made it into space. He was free.

- Matt was in love with Maria and it was a forbidden love. He loved her so much he would do anything for her. Vincent was in love with Irene. Normally the people that didn't have that many flaws would look for another person that had not very many flaws too. Vincent had lots of flaws and Irene loved him, and she didn't have that many flaws.

- Matt was a clone of El Patron  and Vincent was a clone of Jorge

- In the book and movie stases are formed by genetics. If you had lots of flaws you would be lower on the social hierarchy. If you didn't have that many flaws you would be higher on the hierarchy.
             i.e. Vincent had a bad job and couldn't go into space even how smart he was. He started to pretend to e someone else.

- In the book when El Patron died Matt was know El Patron because he is his clone. In the book Jorge killed himself, so know that he is died Vincent is know Jorge.

- Both protagonists are smart. They are both round characters, so we knew a lot about them. They are both in between dynamic and static. There personality stayed the same but there looks and who they are suppose be be changed.

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