Monday, 22 April 2013

The House of the Scorpion_Setting

The setting of the Big House is explained on pages 20-21 of the book. The setting of were they they live is explained on page 57. This page gives you a clear understanding of what the big house looks like. The setting takes place in the big house. At the start of the book I was really confused of where the setting took place, because Matt went from Celia's House to the Slaves Quarters and then to the big house. I think that a really important part of the book was when Tam Lin took Matt to the Dry Field. In that field a lot of stuff happened... he found out what an Eejit was, and got to see Tam Lin's true personality.

Like I said before... the pages 20-21 are a really good example of the big house, and here an example...

“They started up a flight of wide, marble steps that shone softly in the darkening air. On either side were orange trees, and all at once lamps went on among the leaves. Lights outlined the white walls of the vast house above, with pillars and statues and doorways going to who knows where. In the center of an arch was the carved outline of a scorpion.”

(Pg. 20-21)
Like I also said before... the page 57 is a really good example of where everyone is living on earth, and here is an example...
"El Patron had said they had much to talk about, but in fact, only he did any of the talking. He rambled on about his youth in Azlan. It was called Mexico when he was a boy, he said. He came from a place called Durango. People from Durango care called alacranes-scorpions-because there are so many of them scurrying around."
(Pg. 57-58) The main part of this setting was on page 57 when he told Matt where he came from and were he is now. 

I think that this is in the future because in the last quote El Patron said that Azlan was once called Mexico, and that is what is is called now...

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