Monday, 15 April 2013

Thoughts so Far

My thoughts so far on the book...

The main overall setting of the book it states on page 57. I think the setting of the book from age 0-6 it was in the room he was trapped in for 6 months. I think the setting know from age 7-11 is the house that El Patron is in. When I started reading Middle age I think I really got to see what Rosa did to Matt. I thought it was so rude that they treated him like a chicken. After learning more about Tam Lin... I think he is a good person. When Tam Lin took Matt to the field with the fishes I felt like they had a strong connection. I think that I will see the dry field again. At first I thought that Maria had a crush on Matt, but then I keep on seeing her hanging out with Tom. I find it very interesting that Maria goes from being nice to Matt to being mean to him.
The title of the book is, The House of the Scorpion... El Patron said that people sometimes called him the scorpion... so I think that the house that he stays in has something to do with that. Alacrain is the same word as Scorpion. On the bottom of Matts foot it says, "the property of Alicrain." I think it is really weird how the horses only drink water when they are told to, and they stand right in front of the water. I am glad the book told me what an Eejit is, because know I have a better understanding.
I find it sort of hard to tell what age Matt is.

Some questions and Notes that I had were...

- Why was Rosa being so mean to Matt even though she wasn't suppose to?
- Why is El Parton still alive?
- What did El Patron do to make himself so rich? and why does it seem like everyone is scarred of him?
- Why is Maria hanging out with Tom?
- Why doesn't anyone criticize El Patron?
- Why does everyone think that clones are bad? What had happened to them?
- Why hasn't anyone noticed that Matt is different then the other clones?
- Why did the doctor turn on Rosa?
- Are we ever going to see the dove feather again?

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