Monday, 29 April 2013

Character Post

Matt: Maybe it is because they have seen other clones and think that he is no different then them. People still don't treat him nicely even though El Patron tells them not to... Even when Matt is telling the truth people think he is lying. I find it weird that Matt isn't exactly like El Patron... Matt is nice and caring where El Patron isn't. I think that Matt only looks like El Patron. Matt has the same skills as him too, but doesn't have the same personality as him. He is the Protagonist, and is round (because we know a lot about him). He is in between dynamic and static because he was squirmy at the beginning and brave near the end, but him personality stayed the same.

Celia: I think she is the nicest character in the book. She loves Matt so much even though he is El Patrons clone. She is a round character because we got to see her personality and some of her past. I think she is a dynamic character.

El Patron: El Patron is pure evil. He acts nice around some people, but inside he doesn't care about anyone but himself. For example he can turn anyone into an Eejit if he wants, only because he has a lot of money. El Patron said, "you can tell how much someone loves you by the size of the present."(Page 107) He is a in between round and flat, (because we never found out anything about his past). He is in between dynamic and static.

Maria: She has lots of mood swings. :p She is really nice to Tom, but know she has changed. When I read about her it doesn't really seem like she is 14... It still seems like she is 6. She hasn't changed that much through the book. I think Matt and Maria will marry each other. She is round because we know what her personality is like and who she has a crush on. She is in between dynamic and static.

Tam Lin: He is very sneaky, but is very caring. He loves Matt and will do anything to save him and Celia. He holds onto the bad things he has don’t and won’t forget. He is round because we know his personality and most of his past. He is in between dynamic and static.

There is another post that I couldn't add because I had to many words... But this is the REAL post.

Monday, 22 April 2013

The House of the Scorpion_Setting

The setting of the Big House is explained on pages 20-21 of the book. The setting of were they they live is explained on page 57. This page gives you a clear understanding of what the big house looks like. The setting takes place in the big house. At the start of the book I was really confused of where the setting took place, because Matt went from Celia's House to the Slaves Quarters and then to the big house. I think that a really important part of the book was when Tam Lin took Matt to the Dry Field. In that field a lot of stuff happened... he found out what an Eejit was, and got to see Tam Lin's true personality.

Like I said before... the pages 20-21 are a really good example of the big house, and here an example...

“They started up a flight of wide, marble steps that shone softly in the darkening air. On either side were orange trees, and all at once lamps went on among the leaves. Lights outlined the white walls of the vast house above, with pillars and statues and doorways going to who knows where. In the center of an arch was the carved outline of a scorpion.”

(Pg. 20-21)
Like I also said before... the page 57 is a really good example of where everyone is living on earth, and here is an example...
"El Patron had said they had much to talk about, but in fact, only he did any of the talking. He rambled on about his youth in Azlan. It was called Mexico when he was a boy, he said. He came from a place called Durango. People from Durango care called alacranes-scorpions-because there are so many of them scurrying around."
(Pg. 57-58) The main part of this setting was on page 57 when he told Matt where he came from and were he is now. 

I think that this is in the future because in the last quote El Patron said that Azlan was once called Mexico, and that is what is is called now...

Monday, 15 April 2013

Thoughts so Far

My thoughts so far on the book...

The main overall setting of the book it states on page 57. I think the setting of the book from age 0-6 it was in the room he was trapped in for 6 months. I think the setting know from age 7-11 is the house that El Patron is in. When I started reading Middle age I think I really got to see what Rosa did to Matt. I thought it was so rude that they treated him like a chicken. After learning more about Tam Lin... I think he is a good person. When Tam Lin took Matt to the field with the fishes I felt like they had a strong connection. I think that I will see the dry field again. At first I thought that Maria had a crush on Matt, but then I keep on seeing her hanging out with Tom. I find it very interesting that Maria goes from being nice to Matt to being mean to him.
The title of the book is, The House of the Scorpion... El Patron said that people sometimes called him the scorpion... so I think that the house that he stays in has something to do with that. Alacrain is the same word as Scorpion. On the bottom of Matts foot it says, "the property of Alicrain." I think it is really weird how the horses only drink water when they are told to, and they stand right in front of the water. I am glad the book told me what an Eejit is, because know I have a better understanding.
I find it sort of hard to tell what age Matt is.

Some questions and Notes that I had were...

- Why was Rosa being so mean to Matt even though she wasn't suppose to?
- Why is El Parton still alive?
- What did El Patron do to make himself so rich? and why does it seem like everyone is scarred of him?
- Why is Maria hanging out with Tom?
- Why doesn't anyone criticize El Patron?
- Why does everyone think that clones are bad? What had happened to them?
- Why hasn't anyone noticed that Matt is different then the other clones?
- Why did the doctor turn on Rosa?
- Are we ever going to see the dove feather again?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Changing Focus...

Hello audience, or whoever is reading my blog right now...

I am changing my focus on what I am going to write about of my blog...
Our hole class is reading the book, The House Of The Scorpion. After looking through the beginning of the book, where she wrote the characters and a family tree I am thinking it is a scarry book.

There will be a minimum of 6 posts I will make on this book, so be prepared...
What I am happy about??? Is that I am going to be able to go more in depth when I read the book, because there will be class projects on it.
What I am sad about??? Is that I will have to read at a slower pace. :(

What I think the book is going to be about...
I think that this is going to be a spooky book that has lots of deaths in it. I also think there are probably going to be gangs in the book, and maybe Scorpion is the gangs name??? I also think there will be lots of different characters.

Lets see what happens next... (insert spooky face here) :p