Thursday, 7 February 2013

Uglies _ Term 2 # 2

How do you really define ugly? Kalindee talked about the characters role in the book such as Tally and Shay, but she is forgetting one person that I found just as important, David. David is the one who changed Tally’s opinion about Pretties. All of the events Kalindee talked about in her book review are true. I fully support Kalindee’s theme of the book. I think she explored the theme insightfully. Kalindee stated, “When Shay runs away, Tally is forced to make a decision that will change her world forever: turn her friend in, or never turn into a pretty at all.” Both Kalindee and I agree that this was one of the most important parts in the book, because this is her big decision. I think the scene of the book that Kanindee could have talked about was when Tally went to go see Davids parents, this is when Tally turned upside down.
Uglies is one of my most favorite books EVER! Scott Westerfeld is a skilled author; his writing never fails to plant a picture in your head. Here are some examples of Westerfield’s phenomenal writing: “It opened like a book in her hands, becoming two hover boards, then each of those opened up, and then those, unfolding like a string of paper dolls.” I really love the use of similes in this sentence! Here’s another sentence I enjoyed: “She pulled David toward her again, her fingers digging into the leather of his jacket. The cold, her aching muscles, the awful things she has just learned, all of it just make this feel stronger.” This sentence made me feel ­­­­powerful! This sentence made the whole scene so much stronger. Along with the writing, I found the setting of The Smoke very beautiful, with the breath taking trees all around. “As the tributary climbed its way into the mountains, the fields around her filled with flowers. Soon the brilliant white bonnets were as thick as grass, driving each other color from the landscape.” Overall I love dystopian books and anyone that likes this genre has to read it! 

Vlog on The Help _ Term 2

I hope you enjoy my first Vlog!!!

My rating on the movie is 3.5 out of 5!
My rating on the book is 4 out of 5!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lord of the Rings Poll

This is my second poll!!!!!!

The winner of my viewers favourite Lord of the Rings character is ... Sam!!!! with 5 votes
In second place is Bilbo with 4 votes
I third place is Pippin (my favourite) with 3 votes
In forth place is Frodo with 1 vote
In last place is Merry with no votes :'(

Thank you for voting!