Friday, 25 January 2013

We Will Always Have Summer _ Litsperation Challenge 2

For my litspiration challenge term two I made a playlist that describes the book, We Will Always Have Summer! 


The Last Time (Taylor Swift):

I picked this song because I think it matches my book. There is a boy and girl singing and I think the boy matches Conrad and the girl matches Belly. It shows how in the book, Belly kept on pushing Conrad away, because she was scared it might wreck Jeremiah's and her relationship. She still loves Conrad, but she is trying to convince herself that she was meant for Jeremiah. 

I Do It For You (Brian Adams):

I picked this song because it describes Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Belly have been together for a long time after she broke up with Conrad. They have had many fights, but Jereimiah  has always loved her and always will. Everything he does he does for Belly. Jeremiah proposed to Belly because he wants to be with her forever. His love for Belly will never die…

Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden):

I picked this song, because I think it describes the book perfectly. The artist that wrote this song wrote it about a couple. I picture this song as Conrad singing to Belly about how he loves her, and she is the only one for him and that he will never look at any other girl in the same way. Savage Garden quotes, “I wanna bathe with you in the sea, I wanna stay lay like this forever.” Belly’s family and the Fishers would always go to Cozens Beach together and the ocean is right beside them. On Valentines Day they laid on the ground and just looked at the stars.

Heaven (Brian Adams):

I picked this song because it describes Conrad singing to Belly. “Thinking about our younger years, there was only you and me we were young and wild and free, now nothing can take you away from me, we have been down that road before but that’s over know, you keep me coming back for more.” This is the exact explanation that occurred in the book. Belly has loved Conrad for as long as she can remember, and finally Conrad started like her too. They started to date and they both loved each other so much; Conrad bought Belly a necklace that was shaped as infinity to say they will always be together forever. When they had a fight they broke up, but Conrad still loved her. Belly got together with Jeremiah and dated for a long time and was going to get married. Jeremiah knew Belly still loved Conrad so Belly and Conrad got back together.

Breathe (Faith Hill):

I picked this song because it describes Belly’s thoughts. Faith Hill sang, “I can feel the magic floating in the air, being with you makes me feel that way.” She feels this with Jeremiah and Conrad. She loves them both, but she loves Conrad more and can feel magic floating in the air when she is with him. She loses her breath every time he looks at her. I think this song really shows the way she feels inside.

In the book Belly wrote a note to Conrad and Conrad wrote a note to Belly. I am going to write a note that I think that Belly would have said to Jeremiah.

Dear Jeremiah,

I miss you so much! You were the first person I kissed and I will never forget that. I will always love you forever; you are the sweetest guy I know. You were always there for me, and you will become a great father!
I really hope you forgive me, I tried so hard to love you and only you, but Conrad was my first love. I bet your big brother misses you. Can you promise me that you will at least talk to him? Conrad is devastated because you don’t want to see him.
I can’t wait you see you again when I come back!

Love Belly 


  1. Thanks for sharing this playlist Jess! Well done! I would've loved to hear seem deeper supporting details, such as quotes supporting why each song connected to a part from the novel.

  2. This is such a good idea, Jess :) You've litspiried me to create a playlist for my next litspiration challenge (if we do another one, that is). It's very clear that you took a great deal of effort and thought to choosing these songs for Belly's playlist. I have also read these books, and I personally think you did an excellent job digging deep and thinking about what kind of music she would listen to. Would you ever consider creating a playlist for Conrad or Jerimiah in the future? I think those playlists would be very intriguing to listen to :) But overall, great job!