Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best Book Review of Term #1

The Prophecy of the Stones
Flavia Bujor

Have you ever imagined living 14 years with people that you believed were your parents, and learning it was all a lie? The adventure began when three sets of parents passed away and had to leave their daughters behind. Jade, Opal and Amber lived a normal life, but on their 14th birthdays, everything changed. Each girl received a magical stone that contained a very dangerous power. The stones only communicated when they all clutched their hands over their stones at the same time. Their life revolves around the prophecy, which took place in Fairyland. As their friendships grow closer, the prophecy becomes clearer. What will happen when the prophecy is revealed?
Flavia Bujor shaped a very descriptive story that involves a lot of travel and intense action around the world. The story took place in Fairlyland where dreams come true. The only way to make it to Fairlyland is to believe that nothing is impossible. As I read through this exhilarating book, each character pulled me into their life and took me on an adventure into their unique personality. In the first three chapters the author was very descriptive while explaining each character. I found Bujor created Jade as a role model and leader for the other two girls, which embodied the theme. The author shaped Opal’s character as a strong-willed girl that showed no emotions. Amber is constructed as a sweet, loving, and affectionate person to everyone. I believe the reason she made the characters personalities the way they are is because those are her friends’ personalities. I think that because of the dedications she composed. The Prophecy of the Stones is an astonishing book, because the author expresses how people from different backgrounds can be bound together by the force of nature to create a close friendship. This book is for all girls that want to dive in an adventurous story.

            ~Jessica M.


  1. Good job Jessica, I thought that you used very descriptive words, when summarizing, and talking about the book. i thought that you explained the book a lot, but you didn't give anything away, you also went into detail with your analysis, I can tell that you really enjoyed the book a lot. Keep it up.

  2. Your summary is ver engaging with no giveaways and your character description is very good! Well done!

  3. You grabed my attention straight away and I like your citique paragraph. I liked the words you used and I realy think I may give this book a shot

  4. From beginning to end your review was great! Your writing was powerful and descriptive. I thought you explained many elements of the book without giving anything away. Great job! :)

  5. I really liked your review! It is really descriptive and super hooking. I was engaged in what you were saying, and I think I will read this book! Thanks for the great suggestion!