Saturday, 3 November 2012

Its Not a Summer Without You

It’s Not a Summer Without You
Jenny Han

Days whiz by, beginning and ending the same as the ones before. For Belly Conklin, this is her traditional summer, but will it be like this forever?
Conrad Fisher captured Belly’s heart in which she had hoped he would feel the same for her. This year was different; Belly had now caught Conrad’s heart too. Susannah Fisher, a loving mother of Conrad and Jeremiah recently had closed her eyes for the last time. Conrad and Jeremiahs’ life changed dramatically from the pain and suffering their mother went through with Breast Cancer. The Fishers’ shared a house with the Conklin family, but when she passed, her ex-husband tried to take over. What will they do to save the house?
Jenny Han introduced a bold love story called It’s Not a Summer Without You. This book is the second in the outstanding series. I understand the plot of the story to a greater degree since the first one kept jumping from past to present. I think the author’s intention of the book is to show that when you believe in something, you need to go after it. Conrad is the loving son of Susannah Fisher, but at times he felt emotional. One of the only people he truly cared for was his mom. When Conrad sets his heart to anything he will not stop trying until he exceeds his goals. Jenny Han’s novel was able to lure me into the story, and it felt like I became one of the characters the whole time. The novel It’s Not a Summer Without You will take your breath away. It’s Not a Summer Without You is a must read book for all girls that don’t like too much action, and that love romance.

~ Jessica M.


  1. Wow good job Jessica!!!!! your writing is very strong I like how you used a lot of descriptive words to make your point in the critique paragraph. You have now convinced me to read this book.

  2. Jessica, your blog is gorgeous! I really enjoyed seeing all the cool things you've done with it. I love your blog, it really reflects you. The organization is great! I love your book review. You used a lot of 'powerful' words in your reviews and you have done a great job on your challenges too. I am looking forward to reading and seeing new things on your blog!

    ~ Jenn ~

  3. Jessica your summary had me really interested in what happens in the book. I would definitely like to read this book due to your review. Your review is just the right size and it gives the reader the information they need about the book. You did a great job setting the tone for the review. Your critique has various elements present and is really well done. I liked how you tried to give the reader a good understanding about the characters as well. It helped to develop interest in the book. Great Work! :)

  4. I loved how you compared the first book to this book. I would like to know the title of the first book, so that I could read this book. Your summary was simple yet gripping, and your critique paragraph went deeper into it. You used very powerful and thoughtful words. I love everything on your blog! I read all of your book reviews because I noticed you had a lot of the same opinions as me.