Sunday, 21 October 2012

Litsperation Challenge

This is my litsperation challenge that I worked so hard on. :)
I chose to make a video out of it because I love making crafts!

This is my quote that I am talking about in my video:

...and here are my roses again.


  1. This is awesome Jess :) I can tell that your really connected with this novel, and felt truly litspired! The video is very well made and you are easy to listen to and understand.

  2. Now THAT is litspiration! Your word art is phenomenal, and did you just stop there? No, you became a ninjaa by doing an awesome video about it and creating those beautiful, meaning-filled roses! Your challenge was very powerful, very unique, and overall a great example of true connection to literature. :)

  3. Very powerful quotes and very awesome! The word art is imperfectly awesome too!