Thursday, 13 September 2012

39 Clues Book Review

39 Clues
Rick Riordan

Dan and Amy Cahill are about to start the most dangerous adventure of their lives. When Grace Cahill died Dan and Amy’s hearts were torn apart. They thought they knew everything about Grace but Dan and Amy were wrong, for she was hiding the biggest secret in all of Cahill history. At Grace’s funeral Dan and Amy got to choose between 1 million dollars or the first clue to unlock there mothers secret. That’s when the adventure of their lives started. They traveled around the world searching for clues that might possibly change their lives. In this game they rely on people that should not be trusted and not trust people that are just trying to help. The search for the 39 clues hunt begins with just one riddle and the teams are on their way.
The novel 39 Clues by Rick Riordan is an eye-catching book full of mystery and excitement. Not only will you be lured into the book and be pulled into the past, but it also keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I found myself yelling and talking to the characters because of their mistakes. This book took me to places that I have always wanted to go to, like Paris and Italy. This faced paced book makes it hard to keep focused on the plot, a great example is the characters are always running away from someone. At times I found myself exhausted, so I could only read a couple chapters at a time. Rick Riordan created a cheesy but fun book that you will want to tell your friends about, it set’s a great setting in your mind. I would recommend this book for both genders that love full on action.
- Jessica Maron


  1. I still have to peer edit my work so it is not fully complete

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  3. I like this review a lot! It gave me a good picture of what to expect.

    This book is for me... I love cheese.

  4. Hey Jessica,
    I remember when I read the 39 clues and I forgot most of what it was all about... until I read your review. I remember that I was really sad when all of the books were over, only to find out that they made a new series! Have you read the whole series yet? Your review was well thought out and makes the reader want to read the series. Great Job!