Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best Book Review of Term #1

The Prophecy of the Stones
Flavia Bujor

Have you ever imagined living 14 years with people that you believed were your parents, and learning it was all a lie? The adventure began when three sets of parents passed away and had to leave their daughters behind. Jade, Opal and Amber lived a normal life, but on their 14th birthdays, everything changed. Each girl received a magical stone that contained a very dangerous power. The stones only communicated when they all clutched their hands over their stones at the same time. Their life revolves around the prophecy, which took place in Fairyland. As their friendships grow closer, the prophecy becomes clearer. What will happen when the prophecy is revealed?
Flavia Bujor shaped a very descriptive story that involves a lot of travel and intense action around the world. The story took place in Fairlyland where dreams come true. The only way to make it to Fairlyland is to believe that nothing is impossible. As I read through this exhilarating book, each character pulled me into their life and took me on an adventure into their unique personality. In the first three chapters the author was very descriptive while explaining each character. I found Bujor created Jade as a role model and leader for the other two girls, which embodied the theme. The author shaped Opal’s character as a strong-willed girl that showed no emotions. Amber is constructed as a sweet, loving, and affectionate person to everyone. I believe the reason she made the characters personalities the way they are is because those are her friends’ personalities. I think that because of the dedications she composed. The Prophecy of the Stones is an astonishing book, because the author expresses how people from different backgrounds can be bound together by the force of nature to create a close friendship. This book is for all girls that want to dive in an adventurous story.

            ~Jessica M.

Its Not a Summer Without You

It’s Not a Summer Without You
Jenny Han

Days whiz by, beginning and ending the same as the ones before. For Belly Conklin, this is her traditional summer, but will it be like this forever?
Conrad Fisher captured Belly’s heart in which she had hoped he would feel the same for her. This year was different; Belly had now caught Conrad’s heart too. Susannah Fisher, a loving mother of Conrad and Jeremiah recently had closed her eyes for the last time. Conrad and Jeremiahs’ life changed dramatically from the pain and suffering their mother went through with Breast Cancer. The Fishers’ shared a house with the Conklin family, but when she passed, her ex-husband tried to take over. What will they do to save the house?
Jenny Han introduced a bold love story called It’s Not a Summer Without You. This book is the second in the outstanding series. I understand the plot of the story to a greater degree since the first one kept jumping from past to present. I think the author’s intention of the book is to show that when you believe in something, you need to go after it. Conrad is the loving son of Susannah Fisher, but at times he felt emotional. One of the only people he truly cared for was his mom. When Conrad sets his heart to anything he will not stop trying until he exceeds his goals. Jenny Han’s novel was able to lure me into the story, and it felt like I became one of the characters the whole time. The novel It’s Not a Summer Without You will take your breath away. It’s Not a Summer Without You is a must read book for all girls that don’t like too much action, and that love romance.

~ Jessica M.

Friday, 26 October 2012


I was looking at photos and these took my heart. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!

The links:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Litsperation Challenge

This is my litsperation challenge that I worked so hard on. :)
I chose to make a video out of it because I love making crafts!

This is my quote that I am talking about in my video:

...and here are my roses again.


This is a video of all of my bookmarks.

When I talk about my frog bookmark i said, "his head pops out of the bookmark."
I ment to say, "his head pops out of the book."


This is my amazing bookshelf!!!!! I have read every book that is on it. IT'S SUPER FUN!!!

Do you want me to show you my bookshelf in video?

Friday, 14 September 2012

New Book I Started

I have started an interesting, but amazing book syries. "The Summer I Turned Pretty" by Jenny Han. I am actually on the second book "Its not a Summer without you." This book syries are the perfect type of books for girls that love romance and crushes.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

39 Clues Book Review

39 Clues
Rick Riordan

Dan and Amy Cahill are about to start the most dangerous adventure of their lives. When Grace Cahill died Dan and Amy’s hearts were torn apart. They thought they knew everything about Grace but Dan and Amy were wrong, for she was hiding the biggest secret in all of Cahill history. At Grace’s funeral Dan and Amy got to choose between 1 million dollars or the first clue to unlock there mothers secret. That’s when the adventure of their lives started. They traveled around the world searching for clues that might possibly change their lives. In this game they rely on people that should not be trusted and not trust people that are just trying to help. The search for the 39 clues hunt begins with just one riddle and the teams are on their way.
The novel 39 Clues by Rick Riordan is an eye-catching book full of mystery and excitement. Not only will you be lured into the book and be pulled into the past, but it also keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I found myself yelling and talking to the characters because of their mistakes. This book took me to places that I have always wanted to go to, like Paris and Italy. This faced paced book makes it hard to keep focused on the plot, a great example is the characters are always running away from someone. At times I found myself exhausted, so I could only read a couple chapters at a time. Rick Riordan created a cheesy but fun book that you will want to tell your friends about, it set’s a great setting in your mind. I would recommend this book for both genders that love full on action.
- Jessica Maron