Monday, 30 September 2013

The Whale Story

This is the other story that we read in Bamfield... The Whale Story

My feelings were everywhere because I was really confused. It was present tense and in many lines it went to past tense. Example: "She showed me how to select a flat shone and fling it towards the water's surface like a frisbee." (page 22) I am asking myself what the author is trying to say, but I haven't figured it out yet.
This book is still the into in the narrative map because nothing crazy or suspenseful happened yet. "Little did I know how unfair life could be." (page 2) This is foreshadowing. There are many similes in this story I believe the author is expressing the story so more readers can relate to it.
I understood the theme as, "Sometimes you have to let things go." Sarah (the protagonist) was really sad that she was leaving her home and when she got there she forgot about home because of how fun it is. If she didn't let her past friends and home go she would have never had fun, and would have been depressed the whole time.
I connected to the story because of the literary elements the author used. I mostly connected to it because of the theme. Everyone has lots of things that we need to let go of. (example: when you were little you let go of your blanket or souther).

The Sea Devil

The grade 9's and I just came back from Bamfield and we read short stories and had to write about them... this one is the Sea Devil.

At the beginning of the book it was confusing and relaxed. I knew it was getting me ready for something crazy. When the man was being dragged by the sea devil I felt so scared for him and I was standing on the edge of my feet. I felt like I was in his shoes. 
At the beginning of the book he was in his garage, but I thought he was already fishing (foreshadowing). He was actually getting ready to go fishing and grabbing his supplies from the garage.
I first interpreted the theme as, "alone isn't always better." When I thought of it after I knew that that was not the theme it was apart of the tone. When I thought of it some more I knew it was man vs. nature. I think the author was trying to send a bigger message about the struggle that nature and humans have, it is a constant pull. 
I connected with the story because he used a lot of show not tell. Show not tell planted a better/clearer picture in my head.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer Reading

During the summer I read the super fabulous book Cinder! This was an amazing book that I could not put down. It like a was there and right beside her the whole time, but just couldn't tell her anything. It felt like I was her mute friend and she couldn't see me. There were so many parts in the book that is was so shocked that I had to stop reading to control my thoughts on what just happened. The end of the book just left me hanging, and if there was a sequel to this book i would read it right away.
This is an outstanding book I give it 4 big stars. This is a must read for all girls that love romance, action and suspense.

I loved my Summer!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Other Real World Examples (Not the real one)

Child Labor/Abuse: 
Child Labor... The Keepers take the kids that don't know where their parents are and force them to work. This is child labor because the only way they get a good about of food is if they build things (work).
Child Abuse... Near the end of the book the Keepers took in Matt. A first I thought that they were nice people that took care of the kids. Matt started working at the plankton factory... they only fed the kids plankton, (food for animals) so the kids got lots of pimples and were hungry almost all the time. When a kid misbehaved they would tell the Keepers what they did wrong. Jorge got really mad at Ton-Ton for stealing stuff, so Jorge grabbed his cane and started hitting his with it. Matt also got hit for misbehaving. 

Illegal Immigration:
There was a lot of immigration that happened during the book. In the book El Patron told Matt the story of how Celia was traveling to dreamland, and the farm patrol almost caught her but El Patron took her in. Celia traveled with others but they didn't make it. Lots of people try to escape Opium to get to dream land. Another part in the book that has immigration is when Matt was trying to get to Opium to escape the Alacran family. (Going to kill him).

Narrative structure

This is what I think the narrative structure is like

Exposition: I think the exposition starts from the beginning of the book to right before Matt finds the secret passage. The first little “bump” in the exposition is between when Matt breaks the window and gets glass in his feet, and ends at when he gets trapped in the slave’s room. The second bump is when Matt meets El Patron for the fist time.

Rising Action: I think that the rising action starts when Matt finds the secret passageway in the music room. When Matt finds the secret passage the story gets really intense, but then as Matt leaves, it gets really boring again (that part is the first dip). Later in the book when he is walking around with Maria and they find out that Felica killed Furball…well, that was a big surprise! The second dip is when they do nothing, and don't get mad at Felica. The last part of the rising action is when they are looking for Matt after the wedding, and Matt is hiding.

Climax: I think the climax is when they shine the red light on the walls and they see the scorpion! Soon, after they get out the tunnel, Matt gets found. :( El Patron is going to kill Matt so that he can have his eighth life, but Celia and Tam Lin save the day. She told El Patron that she said, "'Arsenic creeps into the whole body,' Celia went on, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a snack. 'It grows into the hair, it makes little white lines on the fingernails, it settles into the heart. I didn't give Matt enough to kill him-I wouldn't do that! - but enough to kill anyone week to tried to steal his heart. You've had your eight lives, El Patron. Its time t make your piece with god.'"(page: 236) Once El Patron died that was the end of the climax.

Falling Action: The falling action was when Matt was leaving to the Plankton Factory. It started to get really boring. It seemed like everyone was being time to Matt... at first. Then the Keeper, Jorge, started abusing him and the other kids. The very end of the resolution was when they through Matt and Chacho in the bones, and Ton-Ton and Fidelito found them. They all ran away!

Resolution: They found a town and these old people started to talk to them, Guapo and Consuela. All that was happening was that they celebrating the died. The bump in the resolution was at the hospital with the keepers. There was a big fight and Esperanza came in and settled everyone down. (That was the end of the little bump). Matt went back home and found out Tam Lin was died. :( He planed out how he was going to live his life in the future, because he is now El Patron...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Add on to Character Post (Not real one)

Chupacabras: At first I didn't think they exists, but after I searched it up I saw that they are really. Celia told Matt lots of stories about this creature, and I think when Matt is traveling he will run into one and get attracted (but still survive.

Esperamza: I think that Matt will have a big connection with her. They will get to talk about El Patron together. She is very flat and is a static character. She only came in at the end of the book.

Mr. Macgregor: I think he is really suspicious. I don't see him around a lot, but I think he has a really big part. He has a clone and Tom is his son. He is is flat and is a static character.

Mr. Alacran: I don't know much about him, but all I know is that he is also evil. After El Patron died he wanted to take his place. El Patron never got to kill Matt, so Mr. Alacran tried killing him. I still don't know that much about him but I hope I can learn more. He is flat and is a static character.

El Viejo: He seems also really nice and wont listen to everyone else's opinions. He is true to himself. I don't think he liked Matt that much though. He is the one person in the book that we didn't see that much, and I don't think we will ever see him because he died. He is flat and is a static character.

Felica: I think that Felica cheated on Mr Alacran because tom is the middle child and his dad is Mr. Macgregor. She is evil like her son, she killed Furball. I think we will see more of her in the book. She is in between flat and round, so she is oval. Is a static character.

Tom: I still don't understand why he is so mean, maybe he takes after his dad. When tom does something bad to Matt El Patron doesn't get him in trouble like everyone else. I think that Mr. Macgregor is just like El Patron, (El Patron is evil) and tom comes after his dad. Tom is in between flat and round, so he is oval. Is a static character